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We know you’re already using sport at school to motivate and inspire your students. Sky Sports Living for Sport can be run as a new stand-alone project or it can add value to projects that you are currently doing in school.

Here’s how it works:

1. Select a group

Select a target group of up to 20 students who you feel need support. It’s a good idea to mix up your group so it contains a range of abilities – this helps boost confidence and has led to some great examples of peer mentoring.

2. Pick a sport

Pick a sport (or sports) to engage your group eg netball, basketball, life saving. We recommend running at least six activity sessions to give students a chance to develop.

Running a project

Take a look at our simple online process to get your project up and running.

3. Set some goals

Set some project goals with your group at the beginning of your project and help them achieve them.

4. Organise an event

Help your group to organise a school event eg sports competition. This helps your group to build their communication and teamwork skills.

5. Celebrate

Finally celebrate your group's success and achievements eg by taking part in a special school presentation or going on a school trip.

Once you've decided what your project is going to be, there's a very simple project plan you need to submit online – it can be done in a break time. Find out how to run a project

Like some help with project ideas?

Read our case studies for more inspiration and download our project planning resources for ideas for activity sessions.