Caradh O’Donovan

Caradh O'Donovan

Caradh O’Donovan has been a kickboxer for the past 18 years and has won more than 10 National Titles at Junior and Senior level. She has been a regular member of the Senior Irish Kickboxing Squad for almost 15 years.

Caradh has had success from a young age representing Ireland at senior level at 17 years old, winning her first senior major medal for Ireland at 18. A sports enthusiast throughout school, she played basketball, athletics and hockey but had a clear passion for martial arts and pursued an athletic career in kickboxing at elite level.

Caradh also has a degree in Sports Management and a Masters in Sport & Exercise Psychology which she feels has helped her achieve both on and off the “field of play”.

Her biggest successes in sport have been in recent years after overcoming a struggle with Crohns disease. After a break to focus on her health she returned to the top of the kickboxing profession, winning a WAKO European Title, four Irish Opens and back-to-back World bronze medals.

In the past four years Caradh has only failed to reach one podium finish in all of her international outings. The World gold medal is all that awaits her and she is training once again until the next Championships come around in 2017.

Upon joining Sky Sports Living for Sport, Caradh said: “Becoming an Athlete Mentor is a fantastic way to give back to sport and promote the benefits of it to young people. I hope that my experiences in sport can inspire students to pursue their goals despite any obstacles that life brings.”

Sporting Achievements

  • European Gold Medallist
  • Double Irish Open Gold Medallist
  • World Championships Bronze Medallist