Christy Toye

Christy Toye2

Christy is a Gaelic football player with Donegal and is currently their longest serving player. He plays primarily in the midfield/half forward line and has scored more goals in championship football for Donegal than any other player. Christy was an integral part of the most successful period in Donegal’s history when they won three Ulster titles and one All-Ireland title within four years.

Christy played a wide variety of sports when he was younger, ranging from football to tennis, but Gaelic football was always his number one. In 2001, he made his football debut at 18-years-old, and by 2006 he was captain of the Donegal team. In the same year, Donegal reached the Ulster final although they were defeated by Armagh.

In 2009, Christy became the youngest player to feature 100 times for Donegal. However, in the same year, he suffered a serious ankle injury that meant he could not play for two seasons. Despite injury, he worked hard on his recovery and returned to Donegal in 2011. 

During his four years at college in Sligo IT, Christy also won three Sigerson Cups. Additionally, he holds two Railway Cup medals, playing with Ulster in the interprovincial series.

Despite being one of the most decorated players in Donegal's history, he still loves going back to St. Michaels to play his club football in a small parish in North West Donegal. 

In 2015, Christy joined Sky Sports Living for Sport as an Athlete Mentor and commented: “Involving yourself in any sport or physical activity can have such a positive influence in your everyday day life. It is irrelevant the level or type of sport, it’s all about being the best you can be at anything you do.

"Sport has taught me that by giving your all to something, success will come your way. I have learned so many skills by being involved in sport; it has in increased my confidence, focus, commitment and enjoyment in all other parts of my life."

Sporting Achievements:

  • All-Ireland Title Winner
  • Multiple Ulster Titles