Darius Knight

Darius Knight

Darius began playing table tennis when he was 10 years old, but as he had always been a natural at other sports was surprised to find himself struggling to compete.

However, he was so determined to become better and beat his friends that he worked hard and practised every day.

Whilst his friends soon moved on to other interests, Darius continued to play and before long his skills were noticed by coach Gideon Ashison who promised that if he trained every day for 18 months he would play for England eventually!

Darius took on the challenge but it didn’t come without sacrifice. He missed out on his first family holiday and had to step away from his old life and focus entirely on playing. But he has since gone on to compete for England many times and be part of the GB team for London 2012.

Darius still plays for England and also plays in the German league where he enjoyed a long undefeated record. Sport has helped him see so many places and do some amazing things whilst spreading his message: "Work hard, believe in yourself and don’t let anyone influence you but yourself."

Upon becoming an Athlete Mentor, Darius added: “Sky Sports Living for Sport seems like the perfect platform for me to be able to reach out to young people and share my story - in the hope this will inspire others to take part in sport. It’s an honour to be able to demonstrate to young people how you can control your own destiny through hard work and dedication whilst remaining focused and determined.”

Sporting Achievements

  • Mixed Doubles National Champion