How the visits work

We are very proud of our team of over 135 world-class Athlete Mentors, who visit schools to support you and your students and deliver sessions focused on both sporting and team-building activities

Our Athlete Mentors have all competed at an elite level and represent a wide variety of disabled and able-bodied sports. Some are actively competing on the World and International stage such as the Olympics, while others are now retired.

They all have fascinating stories to share and are committed to using the skills and experiences they have developed on their journeys to inspire young people to achieve their best. You can check out the biographies for all our Athlete Mentors here.

What to expect from an Initial Visit

The Initial Visit is a half-day Athlete Mentor visit for schools who are new to the Sky Sports Living for Sport programme who've not run a project before.

It’s a chance for you to learn more about Sky Sports Living for Sport and introduce the Athlete Mentor to your head teacher and others who will be supporting you over the course of the project. The Athlete Mentor can also help with your project planning or answer any questions you have. The Athlete Mentor can also give an inspirational assembly to the wider school.

What to expect from a Project Visit

The Project Visit is a full-day visit for all schools who’ve submitted a project plan online via the website.

The Athlete Mentor will work with you and your students to deliver a number of activities and group sessions based on the six keys to success. The format is flexible but here is an example day:

Suggested activity Duration
Athlete Mentor arrives, meets lead teacher/set up for presentation 30 mins
Athlete delivers inspirational assembly 30 mins
Athlete Mentor story and classroom presentation 60-90 mins
Extra - local press opportunity 20 mins
Lunch with Head Teacher and staff 45 mins
Practical session with Sky Sports Living for Sport group 60-90 mins
Review session with Sky Sports Living for Sport group 30 mins
Debrief and feedback with lead teacher 30 mins

What to expect from a Loyalty Visit

The Loyalty Visit is an Athlete Mentor visit for schools who’ve run a Sky Sports Living for Sport project before, or had an Athlete Mentor Initial visit, since 2008.

Once you’ve re-activated your school and submitted your project plan online you’ll be eligible for a Loyalty Visit as a reward for your school’s on-going commitment to Sky Sports Living for Sport. This is in addition to your Project Visit.

The Loyalty Visit will be delivered by one of our Athlete Mentors and will help you increase the profile and impact of the initiative within your school and offer support to other school groups.

Suggestions for your Loyalty Visit

Your Athlete Mentor can support your school by:

  • Spending time with you to develop your Sky Sports Living for Sport project
  • Working with your school’s Sky Sports Living for Sport project group whether before, during or after the project to bring added value to their Project Visit
  • Delivering inspirational assemblies
  • Working in lessons with a range of cross-curriculum groups, not just sports groups
  • Spending time with other specific groups i.e. gifted and talented, sports leaders, school council or school teams and out-of-hours clubs
  • Delivering motivational / inspirational sessions to teachers e.g. staff briefings
  • Working with specific groups of teachers i.e. leadership team
  • Spending time with the Head Teacher and/or leadership on programme development and wider links to whole school priorities

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