Mike Mullen

Mike MullenMike was not interested in sports at school and never joined any teams or clubs. At the age of 11 he was inspired to start BMXing after watching a TV show called BMX Beat. Amazed by the excitement of bicycle stunts, and the creative possibilities within BMX, Mike formed a dream to become a professional biker. Without parental support, coaches or a team, Mike learnt to become resourceful and channelled his energy to fulfil his dream. That ultimately translated into winning two world championship titles, performing all across the world and founding his own BMX Academy.

Having experienced both the highs and the lows of competition – whether it’s winning a title or coming back from crashes and injuries – Mike appreciates the experiences his sport has given him. His sheer determination and attitude to become the best he can be is a message he conveys to the young people he meets across the UK.

Having been an Athlete Mentor for a number of years, Mike is also taking on the role of Senior Athlete Mentor – using the expertise he has gained from previous years on the initiative to visit schools which have already completed Sky Sports Living for Sport projects and help them to continue to develop and improve their students’ lives through sport.

After several years of competitive retirement, Mike went back to the halfpipe in 2013. Applying the lessons learnt from the 6 keys to success, Mike has managed to become the 2014 UK Pro Halfpipe Champion, his proudest achievement to date.

Speaking on his role as an Athlete Mentor, Mike comments: “Sky Sports Living for Sport gives young people the chance to channel any problems or struggles they may have through sport in order to better themselves. They get the opportunity to learn new skills and disciplines that they can use both in and out of school. By focusing your efforts on what you want to achieve and ignoring any negativity, you can succeed and be whatever you want to be.

“It’s great to be involved in such a big nationwide initiative that gives so much back to the young people of the UK. My role as a National Athlete Mentor is a dream job. I get the chance to share my sport, my story and in class, run personal development sessions to inspire young people to make positive changes in their own lives.”

Sporting Achievements:

  • UK Halfpipe Pro Champion
  • Former World Master Halfpipe Champion

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