Natalya Coyle

natalya coyle

Natalya is an inspiration for young athletes in Ireland, following her performance at the London 2012 Olympics and her recent success in becoming Ireland's first ever medallist in modern pentathlon.

Natalya struggled with learning difficulties throughout her school career, but soon found that sport could help her to overcome this by improving her focus and determination.

Setting her sights on a career as a modern pentathlete, Natalya began training hard and entered her first international competition at the age of 19. Although she placed last, this was only the beginning; the competition gave her a taste of what she could achieve and inspired her to continue pursuing her dreams.

Growing up, Natalya never thought that she would be able to participate in an Olympic Games, especially as her sport was little known in Ireland. But her rapid development meant that by 2011 she has a real chance.

Natalya competes across the globe to make the grade, and finally in May 2012 after a multitude of Top 10 finishes, her hard work paid off and Natalya was selected to represent Ireland at both the 2012 and 2016 Olympic Games.

Heading into the London Olympics, Natalya was ranked 29th in the world, but she surprised everybody by putting in a sound performance to place ninth, having only three years of international competition under her belt. Four years later in Rio, Natalya improved on her previous Olympics performance, finishing seventh in a close event.

Natalya has gone on to win the first Irish medal in modern pentathlon with silver in the mixed relay in an American World Cup. She has also returned to education, studying Business and Sociology at Trinity College.

Sporting Achievements:

  • Olympian