Toby Garbett

Tony GarbettOlympian, World Champion rower and currently a triathlete, Toby Garbett discovered sport as an outlet where he could focus and excel, despite suffering severe dyslexia.

Aged 18, Toby was invited to train in Henley on Thames. He discovered that commitment and drive could see him pursue a career in rowing despite not being naturally talented at the sport, his perseverance paid off and Toby was selected for Team GB.

In 1998 Toby suffered a major career setback, suffering a prolapsed disc in his spine. He was told he would never row again. Determined to return to the sport, Toby pushed through rehabilitation and learned to row in a new posture to protect his back.

On returning to the British team in 1999, Toby contracted glandular fever, and missed that year’s World Championships. He considered retiring but motivated by his previous sporting success, Toby returned to the British team in time for the Sydney Olympic Games, becoming World Champion in 2000 and 2001.

Toby went on to represent Great Britain at the 2004 Olympics and compete in numerous World Championships before retiring from rowing in 2008.  Missing competition, Toby returned to the international stage in Triathlon and in 2013 took part in the European and World Championships and also became National Champion in his age group.

He has continued to push himself by participating in Ironman triathlon events and competed at the European Triathlon Championships in 2016.

Toby also runs his own successful health and fitness business, and is a qualified Triathlon Coach. Speaking about his role as Athlete Mentor Toby commented: “At school I wasn’t naturally talented but I persevered and achieved a good grounding in sport and fitness through it.

"Although I played a lot of sport I had no self-belief in my capabilities. I am delighted to be an Athlete Mentor and am looking forward to bringing focus, motivation and self-belief to the students that I meet.

"I hope that by passing on what I have learnt through the highs and lows of my own career, I can help students strive to accomplish more than perhaps they believe they are capable of.”

Sporting Achievements:

  • Rowing World Champion & Olympian
  • Triathlon National Champion
  • Competed in Ironman 2014 & 2015

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