What is Sky Sports Living for Sport?

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Sky Sports Living for Sport is a completely free experience available to all secondary schools. We’ve been working with our partner Youth Sport Trust since 2003 and over half a million young people have taken part to date. Sport sits right at the heart of what we do and it’s through sport that we want to inspire young people and teach them a range of skills such as teamwork that will help to boost their confidence.

Central to the programme is our team of over 135 world-class Athlete Mentors, who work directly with students to inspire them to achieve their best, whatever their ability or situation. At Rio 2016, 15 of our athletes took part including GB women’s hockey Olympic gold medallists Alex Danson and swimmer Paralympic gold and silver medallist Claire Cashmore. Every one of our athletes has performed at the pinnacle of their sport and they’re passionate about sharing their story to inspire young people.

All schools which sign-up automatically receive one free visit from an elite Athlete Mentor. A second free Athlete Mentor visit takes place if schools go on to submit a project plan.

You can download the Sky Sports Living for Sport Starter Pack here too.

How does it work?

  • Teachers have the freedom and flexibility to create a unique project which can incorporate one or multiple sports, as well as being tied in with other subjects to improve the likes of literacy and numeracy if they choose to.
  • Projects run for groups of 20 students at a time and use sporting activities as a way of developing self-confidence and health and wellbeing.
  • With a Sky Sports Living for Sport project giving students the opportunity to be visited on two separate occasions by one of our Athlete Mentors, this offers them a unique opportunity to interact and learn from a world-class athlete who will chat to them about their own experiences and challenges in both sport and life in general, as well as leading practical sessions.


What do students get out of taking part?

  • Key skills and qualities that are focused on throughout projects are: self-confidence and self-esteem, attitudes to learning, health and wellbeing and improving attainment.
  • During the project, students will learn to work together to achieve their goals, develop their communication skills and reiterate the importance of trust and respect.
  • Independent research shows that 88% of students who take part in Sky Sports Living for Sport improve their self-confidence and self-esteem and 99% of teachers say the project was a success for the participating students.
  • Every project incorporates an event (e.g. organising a Sports Day for a local primary school) where students have to put the skills they have learnt to the test.
  • A Celebration Day takes place at the end of the project to recognise the achievements of the group.
  • Visits from our inspirational Athlete Mentors can have a life-changing impact on students as they have all experienced the difficulties every child faces at secondary school and show that you can go on to achieve anything if you put your mind to it.


We’re proud of the work we carry out in schools every week and hope to see more students than ever before taking part this year.

You can check out our Case Studies page to see the journey some of our students have been on whilst taking part in Sky Sports Living for Sport, and if you’re a parent who thinks your child’s school would benefit from getting involved with the free experience, please give the teachers a nudge!

We hope you find it useful and please let us know if you have any questions via our Twitter or Facebook page.