What we did

What we did

Sky Sports Living for Sport has been delivered in partnership with Youth Sport Trust since 2003 and central to the programme were the team of over 135 world-class Athlete Mentors, who worked directly with students to inspire them to achieve their best, whatever their ability or situation. A free initiative open to all UK and Irish secondary school's offered multi-week sports projects.

It was founded on the belief that sport has the power to transform young people's lives to help them build practical skills and self-confidence and started off as a way of improving behaviour and grew into something from which anyone or any group could benefit.


Teachers had the freedom and flexibility to create a unique sports project for a minimum of six weeks tied in with other subjects to improve the likes of literacy and numeracy. Projects run for groups of 20 students at a time and used sporting activities as a way of developing self-confidence and health and wellbeing.

Athlete Mentors

During the Athlete Mentor's first visit to a school they introduced the six keys to success which were developed in partnership with the British Athletes Commission.

The six keys to success were:

  • Mental toughness
  • Hunger to achieve
  • People skills
  • Sports and life knowledge
  • Breaking barriers
  • Planning for success

The six keys to success underpinned the program and were designed to help young people.


Each year we recognised success through the Sky Sports Living for Sport Awards supported by Sky Sports talent and Sky Academy Ambassadors in conjunction with on-air Sky Sports News and Game Changers support. This year we hosted our 14th awards celebration at Twickenham stadium with over 100 Sky Sports Living for Sport students attending.