What we do

Six Keys to Success

We send Athlete Mentors to schools to teach students about the Six Keys to Success. These are the top six life-skills athletes identified as enabling them to achieve success in sport.

Six Keys to Success


Proven Results

We undertake independent research to measure the impact of the initiative on the students who take part. Sky Sports Living for Sport not only improves behaviour, it motivates, inspires and increases engagement.

Proven Results


Case Studies

Find out more about the inspirational stories of students and teachers who have used Sky Sports Living for Sport to develop confidence and build life skills.

Case studies


Youth Sport Trust

Sky Sports Living for Sport has been running in partnership with the Youth Sport Trust since 2003. The Youth Sport Trust is a national charity working to build a brighter future for young people through PE and sport.

Youth Sport Trust


Also of interest

Get involved

Running a Sky Sports Living for Sport project is simple and easy. It can be introduced as a stand-alone project or used to add value to existing school projects. Find out more about how to plan a project.  

Get Involved


The Ambassadors & Mentors

Over 135 world-class Athlete Mentors from a range of sports deliver free visits to schools to share their inspiring stories of success and support teachers to deliver their projects.

Find out more about how their visits work here.