Kurt Thomas

School: Pontarddulais Comprehensive School

Region: Wales

Pontarddulais Comprehensive School selected Kurt to take part in Sky Sports Living for Sport as part of an initiative to help a set of students with their social development by enabling them to grow in confidence and learn how to work effectively with others.

Kurt was one of a group of Year 11 pupils chosen to participate in the project, which was developed using the tools available through Sky Sports Living for Sport. The students decided between them that they would organise a Transition Football Tournament for the Year 6 students at the primary schools in the surrounding area that fed into Portarddulais Comprehensive, allowing the young people to meet and socialise with their new colleagues before starting secondary school in the New Year. Football was selected as a sport the students felt at ease with, and the project enabled the group to challenge their expectations of working with one another and learn essential planning and organisation skills through the sharing out of tasks and evaluation of outcomes.

Initially very apprehensive about his involvement in the project, Kurt, after some planning, met the tasks head on. Kurt had struggled with his confidence in the past and found it hard to interact with his fellow pupils. Regardless, Kurt surprised even himself when he took on the role of primary school liaison, contacting each school to introduce the project before co-ordinating the teams, writing up team lists and spearheading the organisation of the event. He took this stressful role and made it his own, executing each stage effectively and efficiently.

Since participating in Sky Sports Living for Sport Kurt has grown into a confident young man who has a much stronger sense of self-belief in his ability to achieve the goals he sets himself in life. As a result of Kurt’s hard work on the Transition Football Tournament, the project will be expanded next year to include both rugby and netball competitions, and relations between the feeder primary schools have greatly improved.

Susie Davies Lowe, PR Teacher at Pontarddulais Comprehensive School, comments: “It is down to Kurt’s excellent work as school liaison that this project was such a positive success – he was the linchpin of all the activity, and coped magnificently with what was a very nerve-wracking and responsible role. I am so proud of all the work Kurt has undertaken, all of which he can build on for a very successful future for him and the school.”