Lindsay McGlone - 2010/2011 Yorkshire and The Humber Regional Finalist

Lindsay struggled socially at school in Year 7. She was bullied due to her weight which caused her self-confidence to drop and she became extremely self-conscious during PE lessons. She did not enjoy taking part in physical activity and PE through fear of what others might say.

As a result of this, in Year 8, Lindsay was one of a group of 13 girls who were chosen to take part in Sky Sports Living for Sport at Balby Carr Community College in Doncaster.  The project was designed to re-engage the girls with sport and different physical activities with the ultimate goal of encouraging them to take up an activity outside of school.

For the project Lindsay and her peers took part in a huge variety of physical activities from boxing and trampolining, to dance and cheerleading.  World No.1 inline skater, Jenna Downing, was assigned as the Athlete Mentor for Balby Carr Community College. Jenna took an exciting rollerblading session with the girls, which really engaged Lindsay and helped her to adopt an ‘I don’t care what people think of me’ attitude.

Each activity challenged Lindsay physically and mentally, and made her excited and enthusiastic about sport again.  The project was hugely successful with all of the students however Lindsay stood out as her confidence soared and her attitude to sport changed dramatically.

Since participating in Sky Sports Living for Sport Lindsay has taken a more proactive approach to life and physical activity. She enjoys umpiring, leading her peers during PE lessons and has become more confident as a performer. Her personal achievements include choreographing and performing a brilliant dance routine to Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’.  Indeed, the project has had such a positive impact on Lindsay that she independently created a film, which documented her experience and concluded the project.

Natasha Pearson, PE Teacher at Balby Carr Community College, said: “Lindsay has truly flourished through Sky Sports Living for Sport. She has taken everything in her stride and adopted a positive ‘can do’ attitude. The project has seen her take on so many challenges which have not only improved her health and fitness but also been an immense boost to her confidence. The transformation that Lindsay has undergone through taking part in the project is truly fantastic.”